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electric perfect seal

PerfectSeal Auto Reverse

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Includes the NEW "Smart Activation System" where users only need to quickly push and release the rocker activation for completely controlled impression and timed reopening of the unit.  Converts most exiting or new hand seals to a simple 2 second rocker switch operation.30% faster than Original Base Unit.   Designed for 1 sheet of paper.  Utilizes a die holder from most existing or new hand seals (not supplied).  Extra quiet operation.  Quick change allows multiple seal usage in one Motorized unit.  Impression depth about 2 1/8" from papers edge.  Clip and die can be manufactured and installed for an additional charge. Requires110-120AC volts.  Weight only 9 lbs..

One of the first patents approved was for the Consecutive Number Machine in 1892.   The number machine had the ability to auto-increment (rotate to the next number), which advanced to the next number every time the handle was depressed.  This was a major improvement since no intervention was required to adjust the numbers.

There were a few drawbacks to this machine, so Bates submitted a patent in 1896 for the Automatic Number Machine.   The patent was approved in 1901.   This new numbering machine had the ability to select “Consecutive”, “Repeat” and “Duplicate” making it much more useful for documentation purposes.