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Design Help Page
Helpful hints for designing your stamps...

1. Images are proportional but not the exact size you see on your screen.
2. The point size you select is the size it will be on your stamp.
3. The gray box in your preview represents your stamp size.
    If your text is small in the gray box, you can either increase text size to fill the box or choose a smaller stamp size. This applies to the space of the right and left and the top and bottom. Stamp size refers to top to bottom size first, for example, a stamp that is 2" x 6" is 2 inches tall by 6 inches from left to right.
4. Extra space between lines of text:
    If you need more space between lines as below:
    you can achieve this by entering one space bar stroke in a white text box when you are customizing your stamp, or in two white text boxes if you need more space between lines. This will force the actual text lines apart. This works well for form stamps and routing stamps such as shown. This would also work for a space between the title and the body of text etc.

5. Uploading Images (logos)
    You can upload an image (not all formats acceptable - jpg seems to work the best)
    If you are not able to upload the type of file you have, you can let us know you are
    sending it by email as an attachment in the comment section or type in the first white
    text box, "sending file by email.  You can send the image to orders@carconecompany.com
6. Image Justification:
    Just as you can justify text left right when you have a logo with an address or other text you want to add as you customize your stamp, you can upload your logo to go with the text, such as an address stamp. You can select the Image Justification drop down box and you can choose Right, Left, Top or Bottom (top or bottom will be centered) If you choose left, for instance, your logo will be to the left of your address or whatever text you put into the white text boxes.
    Logo Fills Stamp: This is the option you choose if you have a file you want made into the entire stamp size. This works well unless you have a lot of white space around your logo in your file. If your logo or picture is centered in the gray box (this represents your stamp size) but it is smaller than the box, this probably indicates you saved the picture uncropped. You can open your image on your computer, crop it and try again. If it still doesn't work you can call for assistance or send it as an attachment and if we can't fix the problem, we will contact you.
7. Image Hints:
    Image Smaller than you want in the gray box: You may have saved a bunch of white space around your image when the file was created. You can crop the image and retry.
    Logos file size should be as close to the size you actually want when you upload your artwork. It is a problem if you send an image that is 1 inch by 1 inch and want a stamp that is larger, 4 inch by 4 inch or something. This results in the image, as it is expanded to the size you want, becoming very pixellated and that needs to be corrected. Image files  that are very large and you want reduced to a very small stamp, you need to remember that if we reduce your file by 400%,  any lines will be reduced by 400% also.
    There is no gray or shading  in a rubber stamp, only black and white. Colored images can be problems because when they convert to black and white some parts, light blue for example, may be lost.
    Print you image on your computer and see what it looks like before you upload it. If it looks bad to you, it will probably look bad to us. Don't rely on how the picture looks on the screen. That can be very misleading.

8. Call if you have problems, we will try our best to help.  248-348-2677